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In Halifax, Nova Scotia, amidst a competitive job climate, a recruitment video is a great tool for success. It showcases your company and the opportunities it offers in Atlantic Canada. With talent in high demand, a video helps you stand out, attracting top candidates by highlighting your workplace culture, benefits, and career growth prospects. In a landscape where everyone is vying for talent, a recruitment video is your key to reaching and resonating with the right audience efficiently. Get started on a recruitment video with us today to attract and retain the best talent for your team.

“It's been a pleasure working with you, Adam. You bring our vision to life in all that you do."

Recruitment Videos We've Done

Fundy Veterinarians Recruitment

We created a series of recruitment videos to help recruit staff for a number of veterinarian clinics across Nova Scotia. This episode highlights large animal vets and their support staff while speaking about why they love where they live and work. 

Fundy Veterinarians Recruitment

This episode continues the theme of the video above while focusing on small animal-specialized vets. We conducted our video interviews inside the clinic and spoke with staff about why they'd encourage others to join their team.

UFCP Recruitment

We produced several videos to highlight the summer experience of working with UFCP. While their top-performing franchise managers were gathered in Halifax, we had the opportunity to sit down with them and discuss their experiences over the past two summers.

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